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April 26, 2022

Students painted the industry of their dreams.

Adana Hacı Sabancı Organized Industrial Zone (AOSB) Regional Directorate and Adana Provincial Directorate of National Education concluded the "Industry" focused painting competition organized among primary and secondary school and high school students. The students who ranked in the competition were given their awards at a ceremony.

In his speech at the opening ceremony held at the AOSB Seyhan Hall, AOSB Regional Director Ersin Akpınar drew attention to the purpose of the painting competition, which is traditionally organized on the occasion of April 23rd National Sovereignty and Children's Day.

Akpınar said, "The main purpose of our competition is to create industrial awareness in our children and young people, to memorize that production is a valuable subject and to make them look to the future with hope. We are all witnesses that producing individuals, producing societies and producing states are stronger. We are trying to do our part to be a producing society."

AOSB Regional Director Akpınar stated that they strive to create not only an Organized Industrial Zone that produces, but also a beautiful ecosystem in cooperation with its stakeholders, people living in the city, institutions and organizations, and continued as follows;

"We received 1,534 applications in three categories: primary, middle and high school. Our esteemed jury members had difficulty in selecting the beautiful and broadly meaningful pictures submitted to our contest. In this competition, we tried to see the hopes of our children and young people about the industry in their imagination. I congratulate all our children and young people who participated in our competition. I would like to thank our Provincial Director of National Education and his valuable employees who contributed to our competition."

Provincial Director of National Education Yaşar Koçak congratulated the AOSB managers for the meaningful competition they organized and said, "When we were approached with a cooperation proposal, we gladly accepted it. Encouraging, participating and rewarding our children in competitions is a good social responsibility. I would like to thank the whole team for their efforts. Directing children to such competitions among all the lessons and tests is very meaningful and very important for their mental development. I kiss all our children on their foreheads and wish them continued success."

Following the speeches, the students who ranked in the ranking were presented with their awards and the jury members were presented with plaques of appreciation by AOSB Board Member M. Nedim Büyüknacar, Provincial Director of National Education Yaşar Koçak, Director of Science, Provincial Director of Industry and Technology Remzi Ozdogan Adana Family, Labor and Provincial Director of Social Services Nevzat Özer and AOSB Audit Board Member Ergin Turan.


The winning works were exhibited in the foyer of AOSB Seyhan Hall.


The students and schools of the students who best understood the industry with their drawings are as follows:

Primary school category:

First : Sudenaz Kavak (Toros Primary School)

Second : Sezaican Odabaşı (First Inonu Primary School)

Third : Hayrunisa Bucak (Seniha Çobanoğlu Primary School)

Honorable Mention Devran Ipek (Suluca Primary School)

Secondary school category:

First : Berrak Emre (Private Adana Secondary School)

Second : Elif Genç (Yaltır Kardeşler Secondary School)

Third : Başak Kılıç (Kılıçarslan Secondary School)

Honorable Mention : Teslime Aydın (Ömer Refika Halıcılar Secondary School)

High school category:

First : Çağla Zengin (Karşıyaka Orhan Çobanoğlu MTAL)

Second : Melisa Öztürk (Dr. M. Feyyaz Etiz Anatolian High School)

Third : Ayda Öztürk (75th Year Anatolian High School)

Honorable Mention : Pınar Aşikar (Atatürk Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School)

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